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Pricing Analysis - Case Study

  • Client needed time sensitive fare pricing details, but not enough resources to allocate to project.


  • Timely competitive information allows airline analyst to focus on top revenue producing flights
  • Better reporting allows airline to respond quicker to the constantly changing revenue environment in smaller yet vital routes
  • Timely reporting alerts airline to new competitors and any shift in market share
  • Twice weekly reports speed up efficiency by allowing analyst to make quicker and smarter decisions based on information provided

Sample results from a pricing analysis and how this is useful to airline:

Based on results following are some of the factors that could be analyzed and deemed critical by the airline:

  1. Airline losing market share to a competitor by 1.4%
  2. Possible factors:
    1. Base fare not competitive
    2. Priced 24% above competive

Pricing Analysis - Results:

  • Results
    Make timely, well
    informed, pricing
    Through the completion of the pricing analysis the client has requested pricing details at a minimum of twice a week, and through the timeliness of having the details prepared the airline is able to make well informed pricing decisions.
  • Our teams are trained on most airline GDS systems, and are confident in using other resources when a GDS system is not available.