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Give yourself a global edge with Pivot
Pivot offers business process outsourcing services to help you increase productivity reduce labor costs or attract skilled talent not available domestically. We can also work in tandem with your existing staff to improve efficiencies by expanding operations to 24/7, increase data input/output, or re-direct a myriad of tasks to offshore markets with lower labor costs. We tailor our outsourcing solutions to meet your needs and budget.
Our Expertise Why Pivot
• Focus on fundamentals
• Global operations
• Low attrition rate
• Accuracy
• Cost savings
• High caliber service
• Service customization

• Improve efficiencies
• Reduce costs
• Gain global support
• Access diverse expertise
• Standardize processes
• Obtain flexibility
• Expand talent portfolio

Call Center Outsourcing
Sales producing boutique
call centers
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Agency Processing
Analysis, implementation
and processing
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Pricing Analysis
Essential price auditing
and analysis
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